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As you browse our books, we hope you will find a multiplicity of voices, particularly fresh new Canadian voices, that speak to your heart and tell truths about the lives of the broad spectrum and endless diversity of Canadian women.

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        I picked up a sci-fi novel the other day at a used bookstore.  The jacket said it was set after a nuclear war and written by someone who'd rubbed shoulders with a lot of military people.  Well, I figured it'd be interesting to see what theyimagined life'd be like after a nuclear war.  (The pages weren't blank.)                 What can I say, it was slow reading.  For example, the author said, "A man who's been shaken by a bomb knows what it feels like."  So I had to stop and wonder why a woman wouldn't know.  Is he saying women never get shaken by bombs because they're never in bombed areas?  Or they are, but for some reason, they don't get shaken by them?  Or they do, but they nevertheless don't know what it feels like?                 And that was just… More posts

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Women and Social and Environmental Justice Vol 31.1,2

Forthcoming June 2016: Guest Editors: Leigh Brownhill, Ana Isla and Sujata Thapa

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